I am a British actor, musician and song writer. Originally I’m from North Yorkshire, but I moved to London and trained at East 15 Acting School. During my training I also took the time to write  music and songs and performed at various venues across London. Now a professional actor, I am available for booking through Otto Personal Management for Theatre, Film and Television. For musical endeavours, please contact through nathanielpriestleymusic@gmail.com.

Performance, either through acting or music, is what I’ve always done, it is my outlet, my way of connecting with the world, people, stories, life and death, heartbreak, joy and the whole multitude of emotions and experiences life puts us through. I strongly believe in honest, truthful and heartfelt art and I am open to anything which explores this.

Alongside this exploration of the human condition, I’m also an avid fan and lover of food, wine and good music. I even have a blog to prove it! Follow this link to have a read.

CURRENTLY I’m performing in Germany with White Horse Theatre, touring until July 2015. TIE in Germany, with all the wonderful experiences that brings.


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